Why Managed Email Signatures Are Essential For Your Business

Managed email signatures are pretty much essential for every business, whether you’re a startup or large corporation.

They save you time, ensure consistency, look professional and allow you to quickly add marketing copy, legal requirements and disclaimers to all outbound emails.

In this post, we round up some of the key benefits, as well as explain how you can set up managed email signatures for your company.

What are the core benefits of managed email signatures?


If you want to present your business as professional and consistent, a managed email signature is a must, whether you’re a freelancer or have a large team.

As they are centrally-managed in the cloud,  a standard signature is attached to any outbound email.

This removes the ‘Sent From iPhone’ default when you’re sending emails from your phone and ensures that your business is presented in the best light.

Update instantly.

Once set up, your staff can update their own contact details with ease from a central location.

There’s no need to contact your IT guy!

Of course, this allows your IT team to focus on their other tasks, whilst members of staff quickly update and make changes when necessary.

Everyone can get on with their work, without having to worry about their email signatures.


David Gilbey Email Signature


Always legal.

Legal statements are always attached – or ‘stamped’ – onto every email that leaves your business.

This is great if you need to add a disclaimer on every outbound email.

Meanwhile, it’s easy to update this disclaimer, add marketing copy and make changes to everyone’s signature from that centralised location. You don’t need to ask everyone to stop what they’re doing to make a change – one person can do this via a central control.


What’s more, with most managed email signature software, you can apply different signatures to different groups of people. This is super handy if you have different teams – sales staff, marketing, IT – who need a variation in their signatures.

In most cases, you can also set a signature to run for a certain period of time. This feature is great for promoting campaigns, discounts or highlighting specific services you offer.

For example, we’ve recently changed ours up to support a good friend of ours, Josh Barnfather, and the campaign #DoItForJosh to help raise funds for his life-extending treatment.

#DoItForJosh Email Signature

How do I set up managed email signatures?

We use and recommend Exclaimer, which is compatible with Office 365 and – more recently – G-Suite. A monthly subscription allows you to create and design your own email signature. On top of this, it allows you to manage all of your signatures centrally, syncing with your mail client and ensuring all staff contact details are correct.

If you’d like to find out more about managed email signatures, please get in touch with us today.

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